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Tool Storage

Tool storage i important when leaving your tools in your vehicle whilst out at work. These tool storage containers are available in all different sizes. Store your tools such as power tools, copper pipes and hand tools. 

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New Van Vault 2
Ext Size (mm): 494H x 935W x 590D
Opening (mm): 920H x 935W x 590D
Locking: Key Lock
Weight: 48kg
£167.96 + VAT
New Van Vault Mobi & Docking Station
Ext Size (mm): 370H x 780W: x 415D
Opening (mm): 680H x 780W x 415D
Locking: Key Lock
Weight: 32.25kg
£143.96 + VAT
New Van Vault Outback
Ext Size (mm): 490H x 1335W: x 558D
Opening (mm): 920H x 335W x 558D
Locking: Key Lock
Weight: 60kg
£247.60 + VAT
New Van Vault Slider
Ext Size (mm): 310H x 500W: x 1200D
Locking: Key Lock
Weight: 52.5kg
£215.96 + VAT
New Van Vault Slim Slider
Ext Size (mm): 227H x 1000W: x 1200D
Locking: Key Lock
Weight: 77kg
£295.96 + VAT
New Van Vault Stacker XL
Ext Size (mm): 313H x 910W: x 485D
Locking: Key Lock 
Weight: 39kg
£156.76 + VAT
New Van Vault Tipper
Ext Size (mm): 490H x 1815W: x 560D
Opening (mm): 920H x 1815W x 560D
Locking: Key Lock
Weight: 80kg
£324.00 + VAT
Tuffbox Mega Storage Box
Ext Size (mm): 960H x 650W x 450D
Locking: Key Lock
Weight: 46KG
Fixing Hole: Base
£156.00 + VAT
Tuffbox Micro Blue
Ext Size (mm): 548H x 398W x 300D
Locking: Key Lock
Weight: 16KG
Fixing Hole: Base
£114.00 + VAT
Tuffbox Monster
Ext Size (mm): 1465H x 650W x 450D
Locking: Key Lock
Weight: 75KG
Fixing Hole: Base
£240.00 + VAT
Tuffbox Original
Ext Size (mm): 780H x 450W x 370D
Locking: Key Lock
Weight: 18KG
Fixing Hole: Base
£120.00 + VAT
Van Vault 4 Site
Ext Size (mm): 750H x 1190W x 645D
Weight:  60Kg
Locking: Key Lock
Opening (mm):  420H x 580D x 1031W
£309.35 + VAT
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