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ABUS Smartvest Door Contact
Smartvest extension: Monitoring Doors and Windows
Set Up: Cable-Free Installation Easy to Follow
Protection: Tamper Protection
Automatic Supervision
£24.90 + VAT
ABUS Smartvest Keypad
Operation: Arming/Disarming the Control Panel
Key Reader: Integrated Proximity Chip
Panic Alarm: can be triggered at any time
Power supply: Batteries/External Power Supply
Tamper alarm:  Unauthorised Removal/Manipulation of the Control Device
Security-Mechanism: Protection against Replay-attacks
£84.03 + VAT
ABUS Smartvest Outdoor Siren
Smartvest Extension: Sounding Alarms Indoors and Outdoors
Set Up: Cable-Free Installation
Siren volume: Up to 100 dB and red LED strobe light for alarms
Automatic supervision: functional tests repeated daily
Tamper protection: provided by anti-removal wall contact
£91.81 + VAT
ABUS Smartvest Panel Only
Intuitive Operation: Live camera view, snapshot function and presence simulation
Peace of mind: Saves up to 1000 events and camera recordings
Up to 32 scenarios: This can be individually configured
Integrated hygrometer: Displays room temperature and humidity
£164.95 + VAT
ABUS Smartvest PIR Detector
Smartvest Extension: Monitoring rooms
Set up: Cable-free installation
Detection: Infrared with a horizontal detection range of 105° and a maximum range of 12 m
Visual notification: Blue LED when starting up and functioning
Automatic supervision: with functional tests repeated daily
Tamper protection: Cover contact
£93.37 + VAT
ABUS Smartvest Remote Control
Smartvest Extension: Operation without a mobile device
Immediate operation: At the push of a button and with no need for a PIN code
Buttons: Arming and disarming the Smartvest
Panic alarm: that can be triggered at the push of a button
Individual configuration: Buttons to automatically activate additional components
£21.79 + VAT
ABUS Smartvest Smoke Detector
Smartvest Extension: Detecting smoke and heat
Large test button: Manual self-testing and test alarms
Installation: Fast and clean with no need for drilling
Recommended Set Up: bedrooms, living rooms, children's rooms and hallways
£32.68 + VAT
ERA Ceiling PIR Sensor
Sensor: 360-degree detection range
Automatic: Temperature compensation and anti-draft technology
Detection: Small variations in the environment caused by human body movements 
LED Indicator: Can be turned off to further disguise the sensor.
Box contains: Sensor, battery x 2, mounting plate and instruction guide
Wireless sensor: Battery operated and has a compact design to sit discreetly in any enviroment
£24.99 + VAT
ERA Door or Window Sensor
Ideal: Entry/Exit Points
Protection: Anti-Tamper Protection
Batteries: Yes
Set up: Easy to install
Compatible: All ERA Alarm Systems
Additional Accessory: For many rooms around the home or premises
£16.99 + VAT
ERA External Replica Siren
Set-Up: Wireless and simple to install
LED flashing: Comfort light to deter would-be intruders 24/7
Matches: a fully operational ERA Solar Charged Siren
Ideal: For secondary locations i.e. rear of your property and outbuildings
Visual deterrent: Day or night
£24.99 + VAT
ERA Narrow Beam PIR Motion Sensor
Forms an invisible: Across the protected area
Movement Passing: Through the ‘curtain’ will trigger the alarm
Battery Operated: with a 5m/15 degree detection coverage and auto-compensates for temperature, avoiding false alarm/ trigger
LED indication: For working state and with a range of up to 80 metres (free air)
Ideal: Accessories to an ERA Alarm kit
Box contains: Detector, battery x 2, mounting bracket and instruction guide
£24.99 + VAT
ERA Personal Alert Fob
Red button: will ‘trigger’ your Control Panel (regardless of the Control Panel status)
Notification: Sending an instant SMS and/or telephone alert
Additional Loop: for attaching to any keyring or bag
One touch activation: For at night or those more vulnerable users that may need to alert someone of an emergency
Box contains: an SOS Personal Alert Button, a battery and instruction guide
Compatible: With all ERA Alarm Systems
£16.99 + VAT
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