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Price Match Promise

We'll match it, beat it, or refund the difference!

If you've already placed the order with us.

For Example: If you already have purchased or are considering purchasing a product from Total Safes which is retailed at £130, but then see it listed online elsewhere for £110, we'll match that price or even refund you the difference. Lovely!

Price Match T&C's

If you haven't yet ordered, we'll match or beat any legitimate online price. If you have placed your order with us already, then we'll happily refund the difference. Please get in touch within 48 hours after placing your order. The external online store must be using the same or equivalent delivery/installation service. Free Delivery or Free Ground Floor Installation. We must be able to verify the offer via a URL link to the competitor website (please provide web page address). Unfortunately, we can't match online auction sites, quotation emails or telephone conversations. We reserve the right to exclude certain online stores from this promotion if they are an online retailer based outside of the UK, or don't carry current and up to date product and pricing details. The Total Safes Price Match Promise only applies to goods to be delivered/installed to a UK mainland address. The safe or cabinets retailed on other Online Stores must be the current model and in stock.

All Price Match Promise requests are handled at the sole discretion of Total Safes and subject to our standard terms and conditions.

Still have questions?

We'd be happy to address any other questions that you may have; please do get in touch.

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