A heavy duty deep range of key cabinets designed specifically for padlocks or bunches of keys. The key hooks are longer than standard, double spaced and staggered to provide the additional space required.Constructed from 2.5mm fabricated steel with a flush closing door which includes removable hinge pins for easy upgrading, they are ideal for commercial use.These cabinets are also supplied as standard with a half euro profile cylinder that can be upgraded to integrate with an existing master key or security system.As with the System cabinets, the Key Vault has adjustable hook bars, a removable control index, sign-out tabs (to record a paper trail of key usage) and is also available in a deeper model for the storage of bunches of keys.

Securikey Key Vault Padlock

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  1. Securikey Padlock Vault 28 Hooks

    Excl. Tax: £195.66 Incl. Tax: £234.79

  2. Securikey Padlock Vault 100 Hooks

    Excl. Tax: £512.65 Incl. Tax: £615.18

  3. Securikey Padlock Vault 50 Hooks

    Excl. Tax: £313.99 Incl. Tax: £376.79

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