Time Delay Locks and Their Benefits

What are Time Delay Locks?

Time delay locks work by making the user wait a set amount of time from entering a correct code for the safe lock to open.

Their main purpose is to act as a deterrent for thieves attempting armed robberies. Adding a time delay to the lock gives authorities the time to attend the site after a distress call or alarm trip, resulting in no harm to staff or loss of takings.

Time delay locks can be installed on any safe or secure cabinet and are recommended for businesses with high cash transactions. Many banks, highstreet retailers, pubs & restaurants have time delay locks installed on their safes.

Time Delay Lock Benefits

  1. Time delay locks can be linked to a duress alarm which notify authorities without raising suspicion.
  2. Can be retro fitted to your existing safe - no need to spend more money on a new safe.
  3. Audit trails so you know when the safe was open and who by.
  4. Increased security and safety of staff

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